Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sarah's Categorized Night Sticks!

Wow! The LSM, as usual, was causing trouble at one of Madame's speeches, so she thought she'd be straight with them. Especially after she was accused of kicking them out. What? Willow was with her! She could, but wouldn't have done anything to the "media". Madame decided to share part of her speech with them. I have no idea how she fit this all on her palm, but oh well. This post is full of nightsticks! Categorized nightsticks! I loved it because I got to put some headings in bold and use cap locks! Awesome. I think this may have been a dileniation of the Palin Doctrine. Look at all the individual nightsticks: defense spending, the US Navy, Obama's Foreign Policy Inheritance, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Alienating Our Allies, Coddling Adversaries, An "Enemy Centric" Foreign Policy (ouch!), and A Different View of America. Yikes! She smack the Great Opologizer hard with multiple types of night sticks. For reminiscence's sake, let's take a look at the night stick: